Bringing Your Treasured Photos Back To Life

Bring your treasured black & white photos to life with our amazing colourisation process.

With painstaking attention to detail, firstly we will restore any damage to your photos. After that we research the colour requirements: this is usually a combination of family information and historical records.

Once we have the original restored, and the colour requirements, we begin to build up layers of colour, and adjust the tones to achieve a realistic colour interpretation of that point in time.

You’ll be amazed at how your photographs come to life!

We always provide a fixed quotation before starting restoration, that way you know exactly what you will pay: guaranteed.

Check out some of the examples on our site, and when you’re ready to Touch The Past, click here to send us your photo.

from £75
Restoration Requirement - Medium
Image Complextiy - Medium
Background Objects - Medium
Research Requirement - Medium
Digital Delivery and Prints To Your Specification
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from £150
Restoration Requirement - High
Image Complextiy - High
Background Objects - High
Research Requirement - High
Digital Delivery and Prints To Your Specification
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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


“We were absolutely delighted from beginning to end. The whole process couldn’t have been more simple. We uploaded our photo and received a price the same day. All the way through we were given updates, and were able to request changes until the photo was perfect!”

Kath S., UK